with Paul Fox

Testimonials from current BWY teacher training students

The Yoga course is the highlight of my life. It is providing everything I need to progress on the path towards teaching Yoga. I can sense my own transformation. Paul's approach is excellent due to his knowledge and enthusiasm for Yoga, his gentle encouragement and sense of fun and most of all he gives you belief in yourself and your ability to become a Yoga Teacher.

I have found Paul’s BWY Teacher Training Course to very informative, giving me a real insight into how many different aspects/subjects Yoga covers.  I never thought I would be able to stand up in front of people and actually teach, but with the support of both Paul and the group – this is exactly what I am doing.  The course has been both rewarding and inspiring and I feel very lucky that we have Paul as our tutor.

I have found that the diploma course is providing me with a thorough grounding in all the aspects of yoga that I need to successfully teach others. Whilst the syllabus of the course is planned to provide the appropriate and essential information required to teach yoga, it is Paul that provides the enthusiasm and the practical instruction to bring it alive. As the course has progressed I have seen that Paul has given all of the students on the course the encouragement and opportunities that we require as individuals. Whilst some students are already quite skilled and experienced in yoga, others such as myself are less expert, and Paul recognises that we sometimes need a different approach in our learning.

Paul always provides a comfortable learning environment, using different styles and methods of teaching to suit our different learning styles and makes us feel that our views and experiences are valued. I have found that Paul excels particularly in his knowledge of the anatomy of the body and how to apply this in yoga teaching and practice. I believe that he adds in many extras and additions to the standard course framework and it is often these aspects that really bring it alive and make it meaningful in practice. Perhaps, however, the most important benefit for me as one of Paul’s students is that after every weekend’s learning I return home with renewed enthusiasm and confidence in myself to carry on and teach yoga to others.

The course has been very enjoyable.  Paul is not only very knowledgeable about Yoga but is a creative teacher, motivating and guiding us through every stage.   From the beginning Paul set the tone for a very happy and supportive atmosphere at our meetings and in between these he is always available to answer queries and give encouragement.

Paul is also very well organised and each of our meetings is well planned and the handouts have been particularly useful to help with our written work.

Paul has encouraged us to begin our teaching at an early stage and given us confidence to do this. In the beginning we were scared stiff, now suddenly we are all teaching and loving it.